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1-11-23-ADR report biennial 2021-3

Biennial report 2022-3 gambling

We are pleased to announce the publication of our CTSI biennial ADR Report and the Gambling Commission Biennial Report. These reports, reflecting eight years of progress since the implementation of ADR regulations, are now available for your review. You can access them by clicking on the link above.

It’s been eight years since the ADR regulations were introduced, back when we were still a part of the EU. The EU legislation mandated signposting for resolving consumer disputes, although it did not enforce the use of ADR. Unfortunately, the anticipated transformation in consumer dispute resolution did not materialize as expected. The primary challenge stemmed from limited engagement from traders, despite consumers showing great enthusiasm. Traders found it difficult to comprehend their obligation, which was confined to signposting alone. In contrast, consumers expressed a strong preference for ADR over pursuing litigation.

Regrettably, the uptake we had hoped for has not been realized. We continue to work towards facilitating effective consumer dispute resolution and remain committed to enhancing engagement between traders and consumers.”

We have published our CTSI biennial ADR Report and also our biennial Gambling Commission Biennial Report. They can be found here: