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Find a mediator for your dispute.

Here you will find a list of our full panel of experienced independent civil and commercial mediators, all registered with the Civil Mediation Council, insured and quality assured.

We always allocate a mediator to a case with experience, knowledge and expertise in the particular area.

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We operate a fixed price mediation scheme for claims under 250K.

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Curriculum Vitae are available for each mediator under each mediator’s full profile.

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Peter Causton – Director of ProMediate (UK) Limited

Peter Causton

Peter is an experienced accredited mediator with over 100 civil and commercial mediations under his belt since qualifying in 2009.  He has particular expertise in professional negligence claims and contract disputes, wills and trusts as well as property disputes.  He is a registered mediator with the Civil Mediation Council Limited.  He was a board member of the CMC for several years and ProMediate is a corporate board member of the CMC until January 2019.  He is a member of the Court of Appeal Mediation Panel as well as having set up the Manchester Mediation Pilot with HMCTS.

Peter is an independent commercial and civil mediator and an accredited International Online Mediator. Peter is the founder of ProMediate and Click2Resolve which has been certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to provide ADR to consumers in dispute with businesses throughout the UK.  Peter has set up a Legal Complaints Service to deal with complaints about lawyers which is also certified under the ADR Directive. 

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Rena Abraham

Rena is an experienced leader in Human Resources with over 20 years’ experience in the field, working in a variety of sectors ranging from private to local government and the education sector.  As a mediator, she is well placed to deal with employment/workplace disputes, helping organisations to resolve conflict amongst employees and employers.

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Janeen Achtar

A highly motivated mediator with over 15 years of experience of teaching law with the last 5 years teaching Commercial Mediation.
Janeen’s approach to mediation is mainly facilitative.  Janeen encourages the parties to explore their interests and not become entrenched in positions. However, she can also lead and evaluative mediation.

“My approach to mediation is mainly facilitative.  I believe in encouraging the parties to explore their interests and not become entrenched in positions.  However, I can also lead and evaluative mediation

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Chris Barber

Chris is an accredited civil and commercial mediator. His mediation experience has ranged from property to insolvency and Company Act disputes. He has a particular interest in mediations that involve:

Family matters and family businesses
Probate & trusts
Property disputes inc. Landlord & Tenant
Insurance and financial services
Insolvency and debt

Chris has been described as having a firm but fair approach to mediation. He also takes an altruistic view of society and will look to help with occasional pro bono and community mediations.

Mark Bronzajt

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Jon-Paul Burnett

Jon-Paul is an experienced and highly skilled costs draftsman dealing with catastrophic injury claims arising out of clinical negligence.  As such he is well placed to mediate costs disputes and also clinical negligence claims, where costs are frequently an issue.

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Harvinder Singh Bhurji

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Lee Broders

Lee is a Security Cleared mediator who has been trained and practices in civil, commercial, work place, community and family mediation. He has been associated in conflict resolution for many years within business having worked in HM Forces, IT, Construction and Equine industries where he has developed a calming and proactive approach to problem resolution. Lee’s interpersonal skills and personality equips him to interact with all parties involved, putting them at ease and instilling a positive energy into the mediation. Lee has presented to International Mediators from around the globe on a number of mediation issues.

Lee is a keen motorcyclist and holds a private pilots license. He is also studying Law at Open University. He is a member of the Civil Mediation Council.

Lee is willing to mediate any dispute that may arise, ranging across a wide range of issues in all the practice areas that he is Accredited.

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Anita Craig

I was instrumental in setting up North Staffordshire Landlords’ Association (NSL) and was Secretary and then Board member for around 6 years. I have been a private landlord for over 30 years. I provide Mediation services for Aspire Housing, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Riverside Housing, helping resolve neighbour disputes. I am also an Accredited Family Mediator, and able to sign off Court applications to be heard in the Family Court.

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Howard Colman

Howard is a solicitor with over 40 years’ experience in the legal profession. In the early 1980’s he was one of the founding partners of Colman Coyle Solicitors based in central London. That firm has grown over the years to become a highly regarded multi-disciplinary practice.
At Colman Coyle he heads the Dispute Resolution Team and has extensive experience in acting for and advising a wide range of clients ranging from private individuals to FTSE 100 companies.
Howard has been involved in a very large number of mediations over the years. These have included small scale mediations with two private parties where relatively small sums are involved up to and including major group litigation involving hundreds of millions of pounds and multiple parties.

As a solicitor, his main areas of practice include professional negligence (with a particular emphasis on solicitor’s negligence and property/construction professionals), construction disputes and general commercial disputes, often with an international dimension.

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Rosie Compton

Rosie Compton, accredited with CEDR and LSM, has mediated 31 cases and is CMC registered. These include 18 Commercial Small Claims, with the Free Mediation Project at the Royal Courts of Justice during August and September 2019, as well as workplace and SEND. She also brings more than sixteen years’ experience of a mediation approach to conflict resolution at a very senior level in challenging London schools. Additionally, she practised as an Architect. 

Her calm, professional, versatile and flexible approach will assist in settling disputes by enabling the development of fresh approaches to suit the needs of all participants. Committed to the highest standards within the practice of mediation, she offers dispute resolution in most areas. Rosie is passionate about the mediation process. She firmly believes there is always a way to reach a resolution, and is prepared to challenge the participants’ line of thought in a calm, approachable, helpful and respectful manner.

Based in Central London, Rosie meets and works with clients in London and across the UK.

She welcomes clients across all sectors and is able to assist with all types of disputes, including, (but not exclusively)

  • Civil and Commercial
  • Education, including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Workplace and Employment
  • Construction
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Contractual and Consumer
  • Personal injury
  • Intellectual property
  • Media / Entertainment
  •  Professional Negligence
  • Inheritance and Probate
  • Charities
  •  Human Rights

Jeremy Dable

Jeremy is an established Mediator with a relaxed and easy style. Disputes commonly generate tension, mistrust and a host of other obstacles.  Jeremy helps participants overcome any nervousness, embark upon the process and arrive at the outcome they want or at least can live with. Some former adversaries will embrace with tears of joy.

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Boris Dapaah

Boris is an accredited, independent commercial and civil mediator. As a solicitor, and partner of a law firm, Boris has extensive experience of civil and commercial disputes.

His attention to detail, together with his experience of running a business, makes him well suited to mediations where a deep understanding of financial matters and commercial considerations is important.

Before qualifying as a solicitor, Boris worked as a software engineer on large logistics and financial projects. He would, therefore, be ideal for disputes involving information technology.

Boris has a friendly, approachable style, and his enthusiasm for assisting parties to reach a negotiated settlement underpins his commitment to mediation.

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Avi Dolties

Avi is a civil and commercial mediator with over a decade of experience as a Solicitor, Advocate and Legal Costs Draftsman. He is able to perform impartial negotiations in legal disputes to efficiently reach settlement.

As a trained Solicitor, Avi excels at balancing a forensic approach with a pragmatic approach whilst always remaining objective in an effort to achieve a swift resolution.

His firm belief when resolving disputes is that it is not a matter of reaching a compromise or splitting the difference, but rather a matter of truly attaining the very best result for all participants.

My aim is to develop a rapport with all parties in the mediation process to thoroughly explore the issues, creating an open environment allowing the participants to reach a settlement. With my extensive experience as a negotiator and advocate, I am not afraid to challenge perceptions where necessary encouraging the participants to assess their own standpoints and reach a resolution.

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Dr Naomi Elton

Naomi is a Civil, Commercial and Workplace mediator who has a medical background – when not mediating, she is a psychiatrist, working with children and families. She worked in the NHS for 30 years, including several years as a medical manager. Naomi is known for being an excellent communicator and compassionate practitioner. She has a practical knowledge of how to find positive solutions in complex human systems. In developing her mediation practice, Naomi is well-suited to mediations in the workplace, in relation to adult disability, issues around clinical care, contested probate and smaller commercial disputes.

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Mike Faulkner

Mike is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Chartered Insurance Practitioner and Accredited Mediator and has been settling insurance disputes for over 40 years. His broad range of experience working for well-known insurers, brokers, loss adjusters; and as a consultant to claimant and defendant solicitors has given him an all-round appreciation of the insurance claims process from a completely unbiased and independent perspective. As a mediator he deals with a variety of matters that bring him into personal contact with legal professionals representing their client’s interests as well as unrepresented parties who may have personal disputes or complaints where they believe they are simply not being listened to. He understands that emotions often run high and as a mediator offers a calming pragmatic approach with excellent communication skills. He has a flair for finding the common ground.

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Mark Field


Mark is an accredited mediator and a member of the Civil Mediation Council.

 He qualified as a solicitor in 1981 and worked in private practice until 2004. From 2004 until 2013 he was head of the legal department of the UK division of a leading insurer.

 When in practice he used mediation to resolve a range of commercial disputes and he brings to his work as a mediator the experience he gained from being a participant in dozens of mediations over many years. So not only does he have the ability to bring parties together, but he understands the expectations and pressures that all parties feel at a mediation. He does his utmost to put the parties at their ease so that the maximum benefit can be gained from the process and he understands that the outcome a party seeks is not always purely financial.

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Robert Gerrard

 Robert is an accredited mediator who focuses on civil and commercial mediation, drawing on over 30 years’ experience mainly in the construction and engineering industry. He is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor by profession. 

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John Gosling

John is a civil and commercial dispute mediator.

Practising as a solicitor in the private sector and specialising in commercial litigation, John was a Partner in Addleshaw Goddard LLP, one of the UK’s leading commercial law firms, for over 25 years. He has advised across a range of commercial and professional disputes, representing clients in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, in tribunals and in both domestic and international arbitrations.

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David Harris

David’s success rate for settling disputes at mediation is an impressive 86%!

As well as being a trained mediator David is a commercial litigation Solicitor with 30 years experience and one of the two founding partners in niche commercial firm, Chandler Harris. David has a calm and focused manner.

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Peter Higgins

Peter’s personable style and diligent manner enables parties of varying dynamics to trust him and move forwards in reaching an agreement. He also brings a creative approach to helping clients reach resolutions

Peter’s profile can be found here:

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Paul Hunt

Paul is an accredited mediator, senior HR professional and health sector director, with experience working with large organisations, SME’s and the third and voluntary sector. Paul has a calm, patient, focussed and considered approach that enables resolution of disputes and conflicts. Recent testimonial:

“Paul has an ability to understand the issues at a number of levels ranging from high level/strategic/political through to how the matter at hand impacted on individuals on a day to day basis at a working level.”

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Ingemar Hunnings

I am outcomes driven with a focus on getting the parties to a mutually acceptable settlement, if they can. I am empathetic, creative and proactive in moving things forward. Given my litigation experience I am aware of the impact that a trail can have on the parties and the interplay of legal costs on the overall dispute. I run my own business and so am aware of the issues involved in business and commerce.

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Maz Iqbal

Maz is a barrister and mediator. His practice areas include commercial, general civil and property matters. He was appointed by the Department for Constitutional Affairs as a mediation adviser to the Manchester Mediation Advice Scheme (launched in April 2004 as a pioneering scheme for Court mediation). He is featured in the approved Bar Council list of barrister mediators. He is also trained to undertake telephone mediation, online dispute resolution (ODR) and time limited mediations. He is a member of the Civil Mediation Council and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  Maz has worked as an adjudicator for The Dispute Service (tenant deposit disputes) and has undertaken numerous seminars and presentations on a range of legal topics.

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Ed Johnson

Ed is a highly experienced lawyer, business owner and mediator with a background of 20 years in civil litigation.
Specialising in all aspects of civil disputes, particularly large commercial disputes Ed is also experienced in neighbour disputes and family disputes involving contact and finance. Ed runs his own mediation practice and also runs workshops for other mediators his most recent being on inheritance disputes in a mediation setting.
Ed Considers that mediation should be the first port of call for anyone in ANY dispute not just those that traditionally “end up” at mediation.
In his role as consultant lawyer Ed regularly directs clients to other mediators knowing that mediation will save his clients time, money and stress.

Paul Kirkwood

Paul is a solicitor and has practised as a court lawyer and litigator since 1993.He is an accredited mediator registered with the Scottish Mediation Network and has a Masters degree in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from the University of Strathclyde, the only University in the UK now providing such a post graduate course. He works all over the UK.

Andreas Kokkinos

Andreas has experience in the field of retail and retail management prior to training as a mediator.  He adopts a commercial approach to resolving disputes.

Avinder Laroya

Avinder is a CEDR trained mediator and member of the CiARB. She advises clients on preventative dispute resolution in domestic and international commercial litigation, mediation and arbitration.  Her experience includes negotiating and drafting agreements, partnership and shareholder agreements, consultancy  agreements, breach of contract, money debt claims and agency and distribution agreements.

Avinder’s’ profile can be found here:

Dr Richard Marks

Mediator for Medical Negligence and Healthcare Workplace disputes

Richard is a consultant anaesthetist who is fully trained as a Civil and Workplace mediator. He specialises in disputes affecting doctors, patients and healthcare workers. He is committed to improving efficiency in the NHS, and has held several managerial roles including Vice-President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

As a mediator, Richard is able to gain trust and an understanding of the issues that really matter to people.  He understands that in cases involving clinical negligence and medical mistakes then getting an honest understanding of what really happened is critical. He is very approachable and has been described as a “superb role model.

 As a trained mediator,  he is able to see both sides of a dispute. and to quickly grasp the key elements that are making a resolution difficult for the parties involved. He also understands the healthcare environment and the healthcare culture. 

Chris Martin

A highly trained, qualified, skilled and experienced Medico Legal Lawyer and Clinical Negligence Consultant, achievedover 25 years.

Managed his own medicolegal and clinical negligence lawpractice for over 10 years enhanced by 15 years in clinical medicine prior to this.

Achieved great success on behalf of clients in clinical negligence and pharmaceutical claims, missed diagnosis in trauma and A and E Departments, gynaecology and obstetrics matters, orthopaedics, issues involving informed consent, inquests and administrative and systemic failures in hospitals and clinics.

Harriet Lipkin

As a panel member at Promediate and in my personal capacity she has mediated in a variety of commercial and consumer disputes.  As a mediator with Bolton at Home’s Resolve Service, Harriet also helps to resolve conflicts between neighbours and build community relationships.

Harriet also an experienced Senior Lecturer in Law at Manchester University. Her specialism is in Property Law and Legal Skills, but she has experience in many other areas and regularly visit Hong Kong University to lecture in Land Law. She has also practiced as a Commercial Property solicitor.

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Mark Manley

Mark is an experienced mediator, having mediated hundreds of disputes. These have mainly been in the areas of commercial litigation, media, sport, IP and contractual issues. Parties have included Plc’s, corporates, SME’s, partners, directors, premiership football clubs, managers and players, actors, musicians and TV and film companies, shareholders, constructors, contractors and charities.

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Peter McPartland

Peter is a Senior Lecturer in Law on the Legal Practice Course at Liverpool John Moores University. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and lectures in mediation and negotiation at level 6 on the LLB course.  Peter is also a managing partner and COLP and COFA of a firm of solicitors.  He also owns a not for profit records label and music promotions company.  Peter is a solicitor with expertise in general commercial law and litigation.  He was instrumental in setting up and managing RAISE, a commercial law centre specialising in advising women and local entrepreneurs as well as providing advice and assistance to businesses through the Social Enterprise Network.

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James Miller

James is a qualified Costs Lawyer and Barrister specialising in Civil and Commercial Mediation. He regularly attends court and conducts high value Joint Settlement Meetings.

Following his transfer from the roll to the bar after ten years in the insurance industry, James brings with him a wealth of experience. Having handled a varied case load of complex matters from cradle to grave, James understands the needs of litigants and the importance of resolving disputes as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. James is well aware of what can happen when disputes rumble on and court intervention is required. He is a skilled mediator and has an excellent success rate.

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Stephen Newsome

Stephen is trained counsellor and freelance learning provider.  Stephen is a mediator and also delivers training including Business English for International professionals, improvement in interpersonal or communication skills and executive coaching.  He has delivered training around the world to include Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Europe, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia and Turkey.  He is an effective communicator and mediator.

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Nimish Patel

Nimish is an experienced clinical negligence and personal injury litigator who holds over 20 years’ experience.  Not only does he run large, complex cases but he regularly holds training courses for trainee solicitors and lawyers.  Nimish has run a number of group actions, requiring a keen eye for detail and an analytical and sensible approach to the issues, whilst having regard to the costs and complexities involved.  Nimish is well known for his ability to step outside a case and consider it from every angle to ensure the best possible conclusion is reached.   

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Dawn Stainer

Dawn Stainer is an accredited Civil and Commercial and Workplace Mediator who has experience of various sectors and a broad understanding of workplace cultures and environments. With over 17 years of direct experience in education, Dawn is well placed to deal with education disputes.
Working with an approachable and confident manner, Dawn can quickly build relationships to gain understanding of situations and is calm under pressure. She is a registered member of the Civil Mediation Council for both Civil and Commercial and Workplace Mediation.

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James Storey

Basil Thomas

As a retired Detective Inspector,  with nearly 30 years’ experience he has since worked for various organisations such as the Coroners’ Office, Trading Standards, Education and Citizens’ Advice Bureau.  Baz has practised mediation since 2016 in areas including employment, property, matrimonial and child protection/safeguarding cases.

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Civil and Commercial Mediators - Junior Mediators


Jennifer Devans-Tamakloe

Jennifer is a barrister who has recently qualified as a mediator.Jennifer is a fully accredited civil and commercial mediator with extensive skills in case handling and negotiation. As an advocate predominantly practising civil law and representing clients in more than 1500 hearings around the UK, Jennifer has developed the ability to resolve complex issues and assist parties in obtaining pleasing results.

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Adrian Kirkpatrick

Adrian has evolved a system of removing ego and personality whilst negotiating complex issues and inventing objective gain for clients.

Because of Adrian’s background in the music industry, entertainment and business, he has the ability to assist all types of personalities and understand many different types of disputes.

He has been praised for his adaptability, tenacity and work ethic. He is known for his excellent communication skills and diplomacy, which are crucial to finding common ground for resolution. He has developed a reputation as a bridge builder and highly creative problem solver, allowing him to work well in all types of mediation.

Adrian has been praised for quickly putting parties at ease by establishing a warm and caring rapport in order to build a framework for on-going dialogue and compromise. Whether on a movie set mediating interpersonal disagreements, in a recording company negotiating return of masters or in a law firm negotiating settlement between litigants, Adrian prides himself on his even-handed demeanour, bringing calm to even the most emotionally charged disputes. His ability to help each side understand the other’s point of view breaks down natural barriers to resolution, building bridges toward compromise

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Melanie Knighton


Many aspects of my job involve mediation on a daily basis as settlement between Claimants and Defendants is still possible even once the matter gets to Court and, moreover, the District Judges much prefer matters to be settled if possible. A large number of LPC Law’s Clients are claimants to whom a debt is owed and it is my job to liaise with debtors at court as an intermediary on behalf of the Claimant so as to try and reach an amicable solution for both parties.


Gemma Bourke

Gemma is a fully accredited civil and commercial mediator and a firm believer in the advantages of mediation.

Having had first-hand experience of Court litigation Gemma has an extensive knowledge of the litigation process, its drawbacks and why settlement possibilities need to be explored throughout the process, and having seen how protracted and costly litigation can be, Gemma is passionate about mediation as an alternative resolution process.

Gemma has an approachable nature and invaluable interpersonal skills giving her the ability to communicate even in the most difficult situations. Gemma is a firm believer in the advantages of mediation. Gemma is a firm believer in the advantages of mediation

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Claire Starza-Allen


Claire has extensive experience in different sectors including the not for profit, central government, and private sector. Her qualifications in law, finance and business have given her the ability to lead and develop complex contracts. She has developed effective negotiation skills which allow her to identify and de-escalate risks to create commercially viable and robustly sustainable solutions that protect and develop all parties.


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Zahida Fazaley


Zahida is a mediator and Civil Law Officer and worked as a mediation support officer at the Ministry of Justice.


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Other Mediators - Non CMC Registered - Applying for Registration

Jonathan Angell

Jonathan has practised as a commercial litigator for over 30 years and has a wide-ranging experience of a variety of commercial disputes, with particular expertise in professional indemnity claims, insurance disputes and general contractual disputes. He also has experience of claims in the property and construction fields.

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Nigel Chapman

Nigel is a Solicitor-Advocate of 33 years post qualifcation experience. He built a Medical Negligence practice and undertook the full spectrum of civil and commercial work including construction and land development and planning litigation.

Nigel joined the Civil Service and became a District Crown prosecutor accountable for all prosecutions in two counties and for up to 34 Solicitors and Barristers.

Nigel has undertaken literally hundreds of mediations during his career and was undertaking such processes naturally during his time in private practice and in the civil service. It was always Nigel’s style to resolve disputes between employees, employees and managers, between managers , internally and externally between victims and prosecutors, or police and all manner of community religious and ecclesiastical tensions.

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Lawrence Kormornick

Lawrence has over 25 years’ general civil/commercial litigation experience.  Using ideas from ‘Crucial Conversations’and Getting to Yes’ Lawrence considers that people can settle their differences and focus on commercial interests, not just positions.   He uses a three-step settlement process:  agreeing to mediate; preparing for the day; and reaching a settlement at mediation. Though here to help you to resolve the dispute as a facilitator and to persuade each other; evaluative mediation is also available. Lawrence can help you to identify and to achieve what you really need and stay in respectful dialogue. Disputes happen; it’s how you handle them that matters.

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Lorraine Mensah

Called to the Bar in 1997, Lorraine Mensah first qualified as a solicitor in 1999. As a solicitor Lorraine ran an extremely demanding Immigration and Employment practice which involved all aspects of both areas of law and judicial review work. Lorraine was a participant in Liverpool Law Society committee work.

During her 13 years in chambers Lorraine’s practice expanded first into personal injury work and in the past five years into Professional Negligence.

Greg Rance

Greg is a Solicitor and Partner at Fellowes Solicitors LLP and is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a Circuit mediator. In a previous incarnation he has worked as a shipping clerk, controlling the import and export of goods by air, sea and land in the United Kingdom and overseas, so he is well placed to deal with disputes regarding overseas purchases

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Ana Samuel

Given the growing trend for alternative dispute resolution, particularly in the Clinical Negligence forum, Ana is a fully qualified mediator wiling to undertake Evaluative Mediation in the fields of Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury and Employment Law and Facilitative Mediation in all areas of dispute.

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An experienced commercial litigation solicitor with expertise in professional negligence claims. Articulate, charming and focused. Has an instinctive understanding of client needs and is solution oriented.

Karishma has a considerate and understanding approach, which instils confidence in those with whom she works. Her analytical skills are impressive, yet she also demonstrates great creativity in her thinking which makes for a powerful combination. Karishma is eloquent and delivers her thoughts in a structured and well-reasoned way. Being focused and goal orientated, she uses her energy to quickly move discussions along to hone in on exploring potential solutions with parties.

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Christopher Wiggin

Chris has been Senior Partner of the Birmingham office of one of the largest dispute resolution firms of solicitors in the UK for 24 years. He has been an Accredited Mediator since August 2001.  Chris is Treasurer of the Association of Midland Mediators.

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Other Mediators

Tamara Seif

Based in Australia as a Founder/Director of Gravitas HR consulting niche management consultancy working in partnerships with  UK , US , and Asia Pacific partners.

An accredited Interpersonal & Workplace Mediator with  13 years cross industry expertise

Tamara is able to conduct international online mediations between UK and Australian parties.

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Dianne Greyson

As well as an accredited mediator Dianne is a Senior HR Consultant with experience working with SME and large organisations. Dianne has public and private sector experience coupled with a background working within the online/IT arena. Dianne has an enthusiastic and balanced approach that enables her to operate senior level.

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Dr Clifford Frank

Clifford has 40 years experience in International and UK Taxation, in addition to Arbitration including Contract Disputes and Investments Issues. He has worked in the USA and Europe building a wide connection of associates in the field of International Taxation.

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Olga Tsiptse

Olga is a Greek lawyer who is also an accredited ADR Group Mediator, trained in the UK.  She is an appellate lawyer and founding partner of Tsiptse Law Firm in Thessalonika.  She is a family and commercial mediator.

Olga is authorised to deal with disputes between parties in Greece through the EU Platform and ProMediate.

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All of our mediators are qualified and registered with the Civil Mediation Council as well as having professional indemnity insurance.

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