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Mediation Observations with ProMediate


Why would you want to observe a mediation?

After completing your mediator training you need to undertake observations. If you are considering training as a mediator you may also wish to observe a mediation before proceeding.  You may also need to observe a mediation in order to renew your membership of the Civil Mediation Council.


The Civil Mediation Council currently require newly qualified mediators to undertake 3  observations.  Observations are not normally offered as part of the training course so many trainee mediators struggle to find willing mediators to observe which causes frustration.

ProMediate offers a free observation service to mediators who have trained with us.

We have set up a WhatsApp group with details of observations available.‎
Open this link to join the WhatsApp Group: Details available upon request.

We prioritise our own trainees. We also offer free observations to UCLAN Cyprus.

We offer a paid observation list for anyone who wishes to observe a mediation. The cost for this is £200.00 + VAT per observation.

When a mediation becomes available to observe we email out to our priority list the details and then it is first come first served.  If you have good availability and are flexible about location you should receive an observation within 4-8 weeks.

If you undertake an observation with us you receive a discounted membership of ProMediate’s panel of mediators of £50 plus VAT per annum for the first year and priority in obtaining your first mediation.

Our observations include pre and post observation preparation and feedback on the mediation. The observer needs to sign up to a confidentiality and observer agreement.


We guide you in the process of joining the Civil Mediation Council

Feedback from an observer October 2019;

Many thanks for the opportunity to observe the mediation in Manchester yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and am most grateful to you both. 
Every observation is different and it is such a great learning experience. I was extremely impressed with the outcome achieved for all parties, Ed made it look easy!