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Property Mediation Services

Mediation for Property Disputes – Disrepair and Cavity walls

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ProMediate has a specialist panel of mediators specialising in property disrepair and cavity wall insulation installation cases.  The objective is to assist the parties to resolve such disputes through ADR in accordance with pre-action protocols and at the earliest opportunity.  Mediation should now be the first choice for resolving disputes as it is quick, cost effective, confidential and the Courts are encouraging it.  A refusal to mediate is viewed as being unreasonable conduct by the Courts for the purposes of considering litigation costs.We can mediate online or in person.


The Cost

We can mediate online or in person.

We have available venues in Fleet Street London, Manchester and Liverpool

The cost varies but the general cost is as follows:

3 hours £450 plus VAT per party

1 day £750 plus VAT per party

The costs are negotiable.

Cavity Walls

Cavity Wall Insulation installation has created major problems for landlords and tenants and is a major cause of disputes.  We are an independent mediation provider which can help to resolve these disputes through telephone, online or mediation meetings.

Housing Disrepair

Housing Disrepair is a major cause of disputes between landlords and tenants and litigation concerning it can be time intensive and costly.  We are an independent group of specialist mediators, has an excellent track record of resolving such disputes quickly and efficiently through mediation.

Other Property Disputes

ProMediate has an experienced panel of mediators who have dealt with a wide range of property disputes ranging from boundary disputes to professional negligence claims and dilapidation claims. All these claims have the capacity to escalate quickly and for the costs to rapidly reach five figure sums. We aim to mediate disputes as soon as the issues have crystallised to provide practical, effective solutions at a sensible cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on mediating your dispute or to book a mediator

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Telephone enquiries: 07989390447

Peter Causton

Peter Causton