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ADR Roadshow

What can ADR do for your business?

Complaints and disputes eat into business time and can be costly to resolve. ADR is an extremely useful tool for businesses, especially small to medium sized businesses. This is an opportunity for companies to find out how ADR can work for them. 

The ADR Roadshow is part Funded by the EU. The Roadshow brochure can be downloaded here:

roadshow brochure copy

ProMediate is organising a roadshow to showcase Alternative Dispute Resolution in the UK. It is part funded by the EU which enacted the ADR Directive in 2015.  Since then, businesses have been required to signpost consumers to ADR bodies including ProMediate.  The \majority still do not use ADR. 

How to Join

We are holding a webinar at 7pm on Monday and 9am on Tuesday 22/23 June.
Register in advance for this webinar: Contact us at
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
What is ADR?
Most businesses are discovering the benefits of using alternative dispute resolution to resolve disputes, particularly with customers. Did you know that 75% of customers confirmed they would be likely to stay with a business if a complaint is handled well.  ADR improves customer retention and satisfaction by resolving issues quickly and cost effectively.
The UK government, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and the Court service all recommend using ADR. It can be very effective and save a lot of time and aggravation.
Do we need to meet up?
In times of uncertainty, when people are urged to work from home and maintain social distancing, ADR can provide the certainty your business needs, at least in relation to disputes with customers or suppliers.
ADR for consumer Disputes is normally carried out remotely by telephone or online. So you don’t need to leave home to resolve a dispute. 

Why have a roadshow now?

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic it already made sense to use alternative dispute resolution for almost every type of dispute including consumer disputes.  Following the pandemic there is likely to be a backlog in the courts and small claims and other cases are likely to be delayed. In fact the Courts have already confirmed that many cases have been delayed because of coronavirus.

Lawyers are predicting a tsunami of claims following the coronavirus pandemic and the Courts will have a backlog of cases to deal with.  Now more than ever, it makes sense to use mediation to resolve disputes with consumers and others.

What is the purpose of the Roadshow?

The objective of the roadshow is to show how consumer and other claims can be dealt with efficiently and cost effectively through mediation and ADR.

What is in it for my business?

Businesses which sign up to use ProMediate’s consumer ADR scheme after attending the webinar will receive free membership for 6 months and one free consumer dispute falling within the scheme in return for providing feedback as to how helpful ADR was to the business.  


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ProMediate is certified by CTSI to provide mediation services for consumer/business disputes in the UK. The charges that ProMediate is authorised to raise for each dispute dealt with are as follows:

Cost to businesses:

Value of Goods or Services

Up to £1,000                                         – £50 plus VAT

– £2,500                                                  – £75 plus VAT

– £5,000                                                  – £100 plus VAT

– £7,500                                                   – £125 plus VAT

– £10,000                                                 – £150 plus VAT

Payment can be made here for individual disputes:

Business Membership fee £100 plus VAT – sign up here……

Cost to Consumers:

Value of Goods or Services

Up to £1,000                                          – £10 plus VAT

£2,500                                                     – £25 plus VAT

£5,000                                                      – £50 plus VAT

£7,500                                                       – £75 plus VAT

£10,000                                                    – £100 plus VAT

The above charges are based upon 1 hour of mediator time. Disputes above this value can exit the scheme and be dealt with by ProMediate’s general mediation service.

It is a term of the Click2Resolve scheme that the business and consumer must consent to use the service, before instructing us.

Payment by Consumers can be made here……

Mediation Set up Service

If you contact us without first getting the other person or business to agree to use our service, we will contact them to try to obtain their agreement.

In those circumstances we do charge a set up fee for this service. It is sometimes possible to resolve your dispute informally after one or two calls without even booking a mediation appointment!

When we receive an initial enquiry we crack on immediately trying to make contact with the other side in the dispute, emailing info, leaving messages on the telephone and even text messages. Our working hours are never 9-5 and we will often make contact at a time that meets the needs of our clients, evenings and weekends included.

Sometimes one side requires key information before they will agree to mediate. We will often liaise with all concerned to make sure this is shared. Once contact is made there will be further to-ing and fro-ing to set up the appointment, documents sent out and making sure everyone is comfortable with the process.

We charge the following fees for contacting the other party in this way:

Value of Goods or services:

Up to £1,000 – £10 plus VAT

– £2,500       – £25 plus VAT

–  £2,500 upwards – £50 plus VAT

If you have already discussed your case with one of our mediators and need to pay your set up fee click below to pay by PayPal (if you need an alternative payment method please contact our office on 01928734630). (click below to make a payment)