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Train as a mediator civil and commercial

Are you interested in training as a mediator? We are a CMC training provider. PM ONLINE MEDIATOR TRAINING COURSECourse Dates November 2021 Including observations Civil and Commercial – Mediation Training Cost £1500 plus VAT Workplace conversion course also offered...

Court fees are going up. – Mediate?

It has been announced that the government going to increase court fees: The Ministry of Justice has said that it will proceed with 129 fee increases in line with inflation. This comes at a time when there is a backlog caused by Covid 19 and there has been an increase...

Mediating with Government Departments

The case of Geronimo the alpaca and the dispute between Helen MacDonald and Defra highlights the important role mediation can play in resolving disputes between citizens and government departments. The owner of a condemned alpaca said a protected legal fight over the...

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