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Find A Mediator - Who are our ADR officials and mediators?

Details of our mediators are set out below: Contact Us: 0203 621 3908 OR 0782 796 1764 OR




Find A Mediator For Consumer and Gambling Disputes



 We have 1 ADR Official  for general consumer ADR, Peter Causton who is a qualified CMC registered mediator.


Peter is a director of ProMediate and is not employed by any trader for whom ProMediate provides ADR services.  Nor has he or does he receive any payment from any trader. He receives payment from any profit ProMediate makes as a dividend.

Conflicts of Interest

He is independent and abides by the European Code of Conduct for mediators and the Bar Standards Board Code of Conduct.

Prior to dealing with any case he has to declare to the parties if he has any conflict of interest and if he does then the parties are informed and another mediator is located to deal with the case if the parties agree.


We have 1 ADR official for Gambling Disputes, which consists of 1 manager, Peter Causton., who is a barrister and founder of ProMediate as well as a fellow of the Civil Mediation Council.

His details and those of our other civil mediators can be found at

They were all appointed on a permanent basis after a rigorous interview to check competency. They are all qualified lawyers or mediators and comply with the EU code of conduct for mediators.

in practice, as we only deal with a small number of cases, the majority of cases are dealt with by the mediators listed below.

Training in distance mediation techniques (telephone and online) is provided to all panel members.

We will always allocate an ADR Official/mediator to the dispute based upon their knowledge, expertise and experience in the area, such as dealing with lawyers’ complaints or OfCom complaints about postal or communications services.


We are happy to mediate in English and French. We use google translate for emails.

All of our mediators are Civil Mediation Council Registered

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Peter Causton

Peter Causton


We maintain a list of mediators who are available to help to resolve any dispute by any means, whether in person, online or by telephone. 


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