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Manchester Mediation Pilot

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Manchester Mediation Pilot


Mediation is recommended as a means of resolving disputes, quickly, cost effectively and confidentially.

To help those involved in litigation to try to settle their differences without the need to go to court, the Manchester Law Society, local registered Civil Mediation Council mediators and ProMediate (UK) Civil Mediation Council registered Mediation Service Provider, have come together to offer a new, low cost mediation scheme.

Mediation sessions will be held at the Civil Justice Centre, if available (no venue charge), at local lawyers’ offices, or a commercial venue.

How it works?

If you think mediation might help those involved in your case to reach a settlement you can ring this number to make the arrangements:

0161 410 4108

or email

You will be put in touch with a locally based mediator who will, if your case is suitable for mediation, arrange a convenient time and place to meet you and others involved in your case. You should agree with the others involved in your case that they also want to try mediation before you call.

The mediator is an independent person who is trained to help you and those involved in the dispute to find common ground, reach solutions and save legal costs.

The scheme is available to parties involved in disputes where the total value is more than £10,000 or the case has been allocated to the Fast Track or the Multi Track. It is also be available for those cases where one party seeks something other than money, for example an injunction.

Manchester Mediation Pilot Mediation Costs

The cost of engaging the mediator will depend on the value of the case as set out below:

Case level Duration Fees per party Fee per party inc VAT
£10,000-£15,000 2.5 hours £190 £228 *
£15,000-£50,0000 2.5 hours £240 £288
£50,000-£80000 2.5 hours £265 £318
£80,000-£200,000 2.5 hours £470 £564
£200,000 – £500,000 2.5 hours £780 £936


* Parties may request telephone mediation for cases valued at up to £15,000 in which case the fees will be reduced to £150 per party plus VAT.

** Parties may also request mediation for cases under £10,000 but these are normally dealt with by the Small Claims Court mediation service.  Sometimes, it is not possible to arrange an appointment with the Small Claims Court mediation service or the point at which it is offered has passed.

*** The time limit can be increased by agreement of the parties and the mediator.  More than 2.5 hours can be agreed between the mediation pilot co-ordinator and the parties.

The contractual arrangement is between the parties and the mediator and HMCTS is not a contracting party and has no liability for the actions of the mediator.  Settlement of cases is not guaranteed.  HMCTS will collect data regarding the performance of the Pilot for purposes of assessing its performance and the parties will be asked to complete a confidential feedback form which will not be kept on the Court file or showed to the Judge who ultimately deals with the case.

Feedback from users:

6/3/18 “Please roll out nationwide” – “Excellent Understanding of the issues”

19/2/18 “I think that the mediator performed well.  He did a good job at helping our client to further understand the risks associated with litigation and to help him to understand the other party’s case.

List of Pilot Mediators

List of Registered Local Mediators involved in the Pilot

The following are some of the mediators who have volunteered to take part in the mediation pilot.  Parties will be offered a mediator from the list of available mediators.

Senior Mediators:

Mark Whittell – Solicitor 

Janine Allen – Solicitor

Peter Causton – Counsel

Elaine Chan – Solicitor

Nigel Chapman – Solicitor

Boris Dapaah – Solicitor

Mike Faulkner 

John Gosling – Solicitor

David Harris – Solicitor

Richard Price – barrister

Ed Johnson – solicitor

Paul Hunt – Health Sector Director and HR Professional

Adrian Kirkpatrick

Jeff Lewis – solicitor

Mark Manley – solicitor

James Miller – barrister

Avie Dolties – Solicitor 

Oliver Hallam – Solicitor

Junior Mediators:

Gemma Bourke – Advocate

Patrick Campbell – Solicitor

Melanie Knighton – Advocate

Stephen Mallinson – Advocate

James Miller – Barrister

Joseph Mulroney

Harriet Lipkin – Law Lecturer

Ana Samuel – Barrister




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