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Disputes over wills and probate are increasing, as demonstrated by recent cases that have gone to Court.

The daughter of a double glazing businessman is asking a judge to overturn her father’s will that left his entire £1 million fortune to her stepmother.

After Michael Ames died in 2013, his daughter discovered that all his assets had been left to her stepmother, Elaine Ames. The daughter is now asking the Court to override her father’s wishes and award her £300,000 as “reasonable provision” from the estate.

In a case presently before the High Court, the children of Michael Inchbald, the interior designer who worked on the QE2, Claridge’s and the Savoy Hotel, are also arguingover the terms of his will and £20 million fortune.

These cases demonstrate that disputes over wills are growing.  There is perhaps nothing worse or unseemly than following the death of a loved one having a hurtful argument over the estate. ProMediate’s mediators have a wealth of experience in getting relatives round a mediation table to try to reach an agreement before things escalate.