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It’s always great to get good feedback and we received the following concerning one of our workplace mediators:

Regardless of whether you are paid to do what you did for our joint mediation, Thanks you really did mediate in a way that was fantastic, I am hugely grateful that I had someone like you because I do feel this is one of the reasons it worked so well,

I like your style and the way you handled the whole thing.

I felt supported throughout and although it has been an extremely difficult and trying time for me personally under the circumstances I do feel that the mediation has so far worked incredibly well and brought a huge amount of relief.

I am now back at work and can honestly say that at present things are definitely going in the right direction so therefore we can say that it has been a success.

Once again thank you for being so amazing at what you do, I feel so much better to be able to have everything in the open and to start a fresh.

I feel like it’s a turning point for me as it took me a huge amount of courage to get to where I did.

Once again I hope my positive comments give you some satisfaction because you are just brilliant.