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Obviously the best way to avoid a dispute is to prepare for what might happen if one occurs.

CEDR provides a very useful free resource on its website, which consists of model clauses for ADR and mediation.

We always encourage organisations to include dispute resolution clauses in contracts with mediation as a first recourse if a dispute arises.

The documents are downloaded by 20,000 users annually the documents can be accessed on this link.

CEDR say that:

As part of our not-for-profit mission, CEDR provides model alternative dispute resolution (ADR) contracts clauses in 20+ languages, free to download, to reflect best practice and the changing requirements for mediation

Also Practical Law provides similar clauses based on the CEDR clauses.

Clearly the clauses can be amended and used as the user sees fit. We would suggest amending the clauses to allow for other mediation / ADR providers to be freely used. That allows more freedom of choice to organisations if they do unfortunately have a dispute. There is no obligation to refer to CEDR in such clauses.