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ProMediate today launches its new service – The General Dispute Resolution Service – which is probably the first service to cater for retailers and other businesses who want to try mediation first, but agree at the outset of the process that if they cannot resolve the complaint, it will then be referred to The General Dispute Resolution Service for a decision.

Businesses have the choice as to whether to join the General Dispute Resolution Service scheme, or simply offer mediation as a way of resolving disputes, through Click2Resolve.  This may provide customers with more reassurance, as they will know that if there is a dispute, the business will agree to a decision being made if they cannot resolve it through mediation.

This will deal with any disputes between businesses and customers where the parties want a contractually binding decision about the complaint and they are not members of any other alternative dispute resolution scheme.

The General Dispute Resolution Service will deal with disputes in accordance with the Click2Resolve scheme guidance with one important difference. The ADR official will make recommendations to the Dispute Resolver who will issue a briefly reasoned decision at the end of the process, which the business agrees that it will be bound by if the customer accepts it.

The General Dispute Resolution Service follows the Ombudsman Association guide to principles of good complaint handling and principles of good governance but is not a member of the Ombudsman Association. It is considering applying to become a member of the Association.

To sign up to the General Dispute Resolution Service, to make a complaint about a business, please go to

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