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Family Mediation

At ProMediate we understand how difficult it can be to agree financial, property and childcare arrangements following a family relationship breakdown and/or divorce. ProMediate has mediators on its panel who are experts in dealing with financial relief.

Following a relationship breakdown wider family can be excluded from relationships with the children. Grandparents can have limited rights to see their grandchildren. Arguing for contact in the Courts is an expensive option and can only make matters worse.

Rather than engaging in fruitless litigation through the family Courts, we can get in touch with family members to organise a family conference or to approach parents and other family members to offer to mediate between them and to put across the parties’ concerns and points of view. Ideally we can help the parties to reach an informal agreement to maintain family relationships.

We charge a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT for this service, which includes 1 hour of mediator’s time.

We also carry out family mediations using Anita Craig who is a Family Mediation Council Accredited Mediator.

Anita is an Accredited Family Mediator, and able to sign off Court applications to be heard in the Family Court.

Get it in touch and give it a go!