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There is a controversy about the Bake Off every week!

This week the question raised by dietitians and weight-loss experts is whether the Bake Off  portrayed a ‘confusing and misinformed’ message about sugar.

In Wednesday’s ‘free-from’ episode the contestants’ were challenged to produce judges with a ‘sugar-free’ cake.

Four contestants ‘substituted” sugar in their recipe for honey. Three chose agave syrup – a natural sweetener – and one chose mulberry molasses.

Experts say that although in a different form, these ingredients are still considered to be sugar, and have the same effect on the body.

For me though the main error was in getting rid of Ugne. As well as having the most interesting name, Ugne was always very imaginative and creative, using Lithuanian cooking skills to her advantage. This decision is a tragedy for baking.

She apparent wanted to show how cake could be less of a “nutritional sin”

Ugne’s two passions are baking and bodybuilding. She was understandably gutted to be eliminated, saying it was her “worst moment.” She said “It’s a terrible moment when you know that your baking has failed and your dreams are crumbling around you. I got to five weeks and I do feel that it is such a great achievement, but the competitive side of me would have liked to have got to the final.”

“I had so many best moments in the tent, I enjoyed the journey from the beginning. If I had to single out a moment, it would be getting approval from Mary and Paul that really would make my day. I pour my heart into my baking and when the judges praised me it gave me confidence and boosted my self-esteem.”

She has previously spoken of how she wanted to try to show that baked desserts could complement a healthy lifestyle. she has said that she works and brings up two children, and go training, but I will always find time to bake. It is who I am, it’s my passion, and you always find time for your passion.”

I cannot help feeling that the judges have let their prejudices take over in saying farewell to Ugne. Like her, we at ProMediate have a passion. Ours is for resolving disputes. Mediation is definitely not a piece of cake though!