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A consultation on Court fees has been issued recently. I would be surprised if anyone said that increasing Court fees would be a good idea! However it has to be recognised that costs of running the Court service will have increased like everything else.

The Ministry of Justice is considering a 10% increase in court fees, anticipating an annual boost of up to £42m. This adjustment, though proportionate to the 17.8% consumer price index rise since 2021, emphasizes maintaining a fair balance between user contributions and relieving taxpayers. In light of this, individuals engaged in litigation may find a compelling reason to explore alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and mediation.

By opting for ADR and mediation, parties can not only sidestep potential fee increases but also unlock significant savings on legal costs. Embracing these alternative approaches not only aligns with the Ministry’s goal of making litigation a last resort and encouraging the early uptake of ADR but also empowers individuals to resolve conflicts more efficiently and economically. As the consultation unfolds, the prospect of routine fee updates every two years highlights the enduring need for cost-effective dispute resolution methods. Consider the long-term benefits of mediation, not just as a financial strategy but as a pragmatic and constructive means of resolving conflicts without escalating legal expenses.