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Carpetright – Resolve

Complaints about Carpetright

We are Carpetright’s Independent ADR Provider.

Thank you for agreeing to consider resolving your complaint about Carpetright through mediation. It is hoped that we can resolve your complaint and the issues between you without the cost and time involved in Court proceedings.


We can only assist you if Carpetright make it clear in their final letter to you that they agree to use our services. Sometimes Carpetright prefers not to use our services and in those circumstances we cannot assist.

In those circumstances if you bring proceedings you are free to mention to the Court that Carpetright refused to mediate.

Make a Complaint

Please let us have further details of your complaint – what your complaint concerns and in particular the outcome you are seeking to achieve. We would need details of the store you purchased flooring from and the complaints reference number if available.

You can make a complaint online by following this link:

Consumers Make a Complaint Online

Once we have received this information from you we will then obtain Carpetright’s response, and request your file for review, negotiate between the parties by telephone and/or email in order to try to bring the parties to an agreement. We will keep you informed regularly throughout the process.

We do ask consumers to pay a non refundable nominal fee to try to cover our costs starting at £5 plus VAT, which can be paid through the website via PayPal or we can issue an invoice. Let us know whether you would be willing to contribute.

We take customer service extremely seriously and if you have any questions or issues with our service please do not hesitate to contact us. Our complaints procedure is on our website and we encourage users to leave feedback as to their experience of using the service.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mediation Process

This is how we will progress your complaints following you receiving a final response from Carpetright.

The process that we follow is set out on our website at We aim to resolve the dispute within 28 days.

The mediation process is confidential and voluntary and you have the right to take independent advice and to terminate the process at any stage. If you reach an agreement then it will be binding on both parties. Our terms and conditions can be found at:

Who We Are?

We are the independent ADR body nominated by Carpetright to deal with complaints that cannot be resolved through the internal complaints process under the ADR Regulations 2015.

We are an independent alternative dispute resolution provider certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.