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Not nice-Hundreds of thousands of people in Lancashire have been told to boil tap water because of a treatment plant near Preston being contaminated with cryptosporidium, a particularly nasty bug.

Health officials have reassured people that boiled tap water is safe to drink, but there are reports that some shops are selling out of bottled water and the shelves are empty in the supermarkets.

The manager of a care home in Bamber Bridge, said: “It’s very demanding on a daily basis to meet residents needs,” and that having to boil water “added extra tasks and pressure on the team”. A cafe owner has reportedly has to close her doors because the water is unsafe.

Customers should get compensation for this and United Utilities says that all affected customers will get a letter about compensation if the problems continue. If business customers like the cafe owner remain dissatisfied then the complaint route is likely to be OfWat who determine disputes of this nature.  WATRS, the water redress scheme is also there to deal with customer complaints.

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