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According to Sir Clive Woodward, “he or she who wins at IT tends to win” and this is where ProMediate has an advantage in mediation as we are able to conduct mediations online, which is likely to be the future for dispute resolution.

Successful mediators could also learn from Sir Clive, in that according to him success relates to how one thinks under pressure. In mediations, parties and their representatives are often under pressure to do a deal and they need to be able to make the right decision to settle or not to settle on the day of the mediation. The mediator is also under pressure to help the parties to try to resolve the dispute within the time period. Preparation is key, just as with a sports competition. It is important to go through the scenarios in advance of the mediation to anticipate what might happen and to identify objectives. An effective mediator will contact the parties before the mediation to ascertain what the parties’ objectives are and to help them prepare for the mediation.