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Following the formal introduction of the European Union Consumer ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Directive last July- and with the start of the new European ODR Platform on 15 February ProMediate, one of Europe’s foremost mediation dispute resolution service providers, announces it has been granted multiple certifications for its work across a large range of business sectors.

As well as being certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, ProMediate has been certified by other bodies including OfCom for approved schemes it runs for communications (phone and broadband services) and postal services as well as the Gambling Commission. ProMediate is also certified to deal with complaints about lawyers.

ProMediate also works alongside businesses in partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce using impartial, independent and confidential dispute resolution processes to resolve disputes.

Amongst the industry sectors where businesses are actively using ADR services, which fall under the Consumer ADR Directive, are:

  • Retail
  • Communications
  • Childcare and Education
  • Lotteries and Gambling
  • Holidays and hotels
  • Home Building and Residential Services
  • Motor Vehicles Sales and Repairs

Over the last 5 years ProMediate has dealt with many parties in dispute and helped to resolve commercial complaints and claims through mediation across multiple sectors.

We can design a bespoke dispute resolution service for each business or trade association that registers with us and help businesses to comply with the ADR Directive.

Each service is designed in collaboration with businesses to ensure the solution is cost effective, quick and confidential.

In its January 2015 report on Dispute Resolution, TheCityUK, a prominent industry association stated that there is “a growing comfort from in-house legal to use ADR for a variety of different types of dispute.”

Peter Causton, Chief Executive of ProMediate commented “The certifications that we have received reinforce ProMediate’s reputation for balance, independence and fairness with both consumers and businesses alike and our ability to reach right across the business world. As an ADR body delivering invaluable dispute resolution services we continue to concentrate upon and to promote innovation and new ways of resolving disputes and complaints, to provide thought leadership and promote the use and appreciation of dispute resolution techniques within the community and the business world”