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Founded in 2010 by Peter Causton, ProMediate is the leading provider of mediation services and training in the UK. Discover more about our approach to conflict resolution, our accreditations, history, and what we have to offer on our website.

Based in the United Kingdom and operating all over the world, ProMediate uses only the most experienced mediators and trainers, resolving disputes for people or training them how to do it themselves. Our particular areas of expertise are commercial litigation, property litigation, professional negligence and workplace mediation.

Since 2010 we have worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals.  We understand how and why mediation works, we are experts in delivering mediation services and training mediators, and we are passionate about what we do.

The fact is that conflict is normal, inevitable, and sometimes hard to deal with. At ProMediate we know exactly how to resolve it through mediation.

Fortunately we can often sort things out by talking, listening, compromising and collaborating. When we get stuck in a dispute though, is when conflict can get stressful, costly, and become a distraction. Perhaps we regret having taken things so far or are as keen to argue about the dispute as at the beginning? Either way, this is where ProMediate comes in. We are the leading provider of mediation services to businesses and individuals across a wide range of disputes.  We help to resolve conflict quickly and confidentially either within or without the court system.  Our founder and CEO, Peter Causton is an award winning mediator, solicitor, author, and Counsel. Along with a great panel of mediators at ProMediate, Peter has developed a range of mediation services, which we are proud to set out here.

When I started ProMediate UK back in 2010 I was inspired by the thought of helping people and businesses avoid harmful, slow and costly litigation. I felt that there must be a better way. This followed 15 years acting as a solicitor, fighting people’s corners and trying to resolve disputes through negotiation, often taking years from start to finish.  After 10 years now I run arguably the most successful mediation company in the UK and we have gone from strength to strength. In 2019 we won an award for Mediation Achiever of the Year in the Personal Injury Awards. This followed my award for Mediator of the Year 2018 (Highly Commended) from the Civil Mediation Council. I also set up ProMediate to deal with consumer disputes throughout the EU. Little did I think that in one of the greatest disputes of all time, we would be leaving the EU in 2020, an institution I recognised as an anchor since childhood.

I recognise that we struggle to negotiate our way through conflict because we are often angry, annoyed, and hurt, and we find it hard not to let emotion get bottled up and blocking rational thought processes. Communication breaks down, and we get so wrapped up in an interpersonal struggle that we can scarcely remember how the argument got started in the first place. My approach is to understand these conflict processes in great detail, so that we can start to resolve all sorts of disputes much more effectively.

ProMediate is my way of transforming conflict, building dialogue, and maintaining better relationships.

“As a mediator I provide a confidential, safe and neutral environment in which everyone can start to create better dialogue.” Peter Causton founder of ProMediate.

Peter’s unique proactive approach to the resolution of conflict and intimate knowledge about litigation processes and costs as Counsel has led to him being in high demand as a practising mediator. His work includes workplace mediation, commercial and property litigation, family, financial, or business-related matters, and addressing conflict within the workplace.