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Are you confused by the options when faced with a claim or complaint and want to avoid wasting time and money going to Court?

Whatever, the dispute we can help by advising you on the options, whether it is a telephone, online or in person mediation that is best, or whether in fact you are better off going to Court and defending or bringing a claim.

As well as having a panel of professional mediators, registered with the CIvil Mediation Council, we are also an ADR Provider.

It’s been a long time since the ADR Regulations we’re passed by the UK parliament requiring traders to provide details of an ADR Provider to consumers who have exhausted the internal complaints process. We registered with Chartered Trading Standards from the outset and now have traders who have signed up to use our low cost effective mediation service. We can also deal with disputes between lawyers and clients, as solicitors and barristers are not exempt from the Regulations. We are also authorised by the Gambling Commission to deal with disputes with Gambling Operators.

It is true to say that there has been next to no enforcement action that we are aware of arising from the failure to comply with the Regulations, but the benefits in terms of customer retention and satisfaction cannot be underestimated. (See Ombudsman Services’ statistics)

If you are interested in becoming a member of our consumer mediation scheme, or just need some advice about how best to resolve a dispute, please get in touch at