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We anticipate that landlord and tenant disputes will increase as a result of Covid – 19.

These can be resolved through telephone or online mediation.

A recent report suggests that tenants paid less than half the rent they owed on the most recent payment day, highlighting the the financial pressure facing landlords and tenants.

Only 48% of tenants paid in full and on time on the latest rent day, according to data compiled by Remit Consulting from six leading property management companies covering close to 80,000 leases.

Many tenants have decided to retain cash rather than pay their rent, which is a decision which has caused disputes between landlords and tenants in the past two weeks.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused some conflict, about rents. Tenants ate protected from eviction until June but they are contractually obliged to pay their rent.
Some tenants simply can’t pay and others have reached agreement with Landlords who have offered to defer rent, change payment schedules, or rental holidays.
Some landlords have refused to offer such concessions, instead threatening to take them to court if they fail to pay.
So, once June comes, expect a lot of landlord and tenant litigation and be prepared to consider mediation as the Courts require it. We are currently doing a lot of online and telephone mediation and landlord and tenant disputes are ideal for this format. So please do get in touch.