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If you have any cases approaching limitation expiry please bear in mind the following:

In the case of a contractual dispute with a trader, which includes a professional negligence claim where you engage a certified ADR provider to deal with the dispute, like ProMediate, the limitation period can be put on hold.

As long as they are engaged, and limitation is about to expire within 8 weeks, time is frozen. So the ADR provider, such as ProMediate, can actually freeze the proceedings as long as the negotiation process continues.

The actual provision is contained in the ADR Regulations 2015.  The long and short of it is that all you need to do to invoke these magical powers if you have a qualifying case (where limitation is about to expire in 8 weeks’ time) is instruct a certified ADR provider.

The procedure then ends in 14 days if the other party fails to respond or agree to use ADR. If they do agree to use ADR, we can hold back time while ADR takes place. It then starts to run again 8 weeks afterwards.