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ProMediate is an ADR Provider under the ADR Regulations 2015 and is approved to deal with Gambling disputes by the Gambling Commission.  Several operators and bookmakers have signed up to use our service.

The Gambling Commission is introducing new standards for ADR providers dealing with complaints under the ADR Regulations.  These standards go beyond the ADR Regulations requirements and provide for a more stringent reporting regime, more transparency of evidence obtained, tighter time limits/periods and compliance with the Ombudsman Association’s basic tenets.  There are details of what the ADR provider needs to consider when considering a complaint, which would seem more appropriate for an Ombudsman style of dispute resolution.  These standards appear to be a step in the right direction although there appears to be a lack of understanding regarding the role of mediation given the transparency requirements which undermines confidentiality requirements.  Essentially any evidence provided to an ADR Provider during the process has to be passed over to the complainant unless there are money laundering issues.  Therefore, Providers need to inform operators that any information provided during the process may have to be disclosed.  It is hard not to see this move as pushing mediation out as an option for resolving gambling complaints.

See the new standards here….