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People may be forgiven for thinking that “red tape” from the EU will now be swept away, including the requirement for traders to inform consumers about ADR under the ADR Directive. One man’s red tape is another’s consumer rights/employment rights.  Think again! Beware the law of unforeseen consequences. The EU is not going away. We have only lost our reduced membership fee and Cameron’s hard fought concessions. In return for continuing access to the single market, the EU holds  the whip hand.

In his acceptance speech Gove said that we would remain part of the single market. The trade off for doing so will be the obligation to comply with EU regulations as well as freedom of movement. Brexiters will be very disappointed to find that not only will we have to comply with regulations regarding the curvature of bananas, but that we will have no say in the making of the regulations.  Assuming that the EU is able to continue without collapsing, the likelihood is that with England out of the way and a weaker power without Scotland, regulations such as the ADR directive will be tightened up, for example making it necessary to engage in the ADR process, or making bananas even straighter. There will be nothing that England can do about it as long as it wishes to stay in the single market. We will be paying more for membership and have more rules and regulations to comply with!

Moreover there are many steps to take before we exit the EU political union and many a slip betwixt cup and lip.

There are three reasons why we will not leave the EU despite the referendum-

1. The City

The outcome of the referendum cannot mean that we leave the EU at any cost. It must mean that ideally we would advise the government to leave the EU. With businesses already saying they will relocate and the City about to lose its crown as Europe’s financial centre, it cannot be right that we leave the away if this will destroy the economy as then the Brexit promises of extra cash or just maintaining the payments to Wales and Cornwall cannot be fulfilled. It’s the economy stupid!

2. Scotland Scotland Scotland

Scotland is already threatening to leave the UK and stay in the EU and will vote in the Houses of Parliament to veto any legislation unless they are granted an independence referendum. They are also saying they will block legislative consent in the Scottish Parliament.

3. Others

Other MPs will vote against the legislation on the basis that their constituents voted to stay and/or that the Leave campaign cannot honour their promises. London, Manchester and Gibraltar for example.

The new government will have no mandate for its programme, as the conservative manifesto did not include for example a points based immigration system, and little support in the Houses of Parliament. It needs to get MPs to approve invoking article 50 to start the exit process, which will be difficult when people feel that the referendum was stolen with lies about EU funding and immigration.  Why should a protest vote under false pretences be allowed to destroy our economy? There was only a small majority and a large number of people did not vote. It was advisory only and Parliament is supreme.  To proceed to exit the EU is not in the interests of the country. We predict a general election and renegotiated terms for membership of the EU or the single market. In an election the conservatives will be weakened and divided and the chances are that their majority would be reduced. A coalition government would find it hard to push through Brexit. So don’t rip up your deadlock letters and stop referring complaints to mediation and ADR just yet!