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The next roadshow is on Tuesday 14th at 1pm.

Join us and find out how Alternative Dispute Resolution is helping many businesses in the UK save the cost and time of disputes.

We have already had a 5 star review from Holiday Gems who signed up for the free trial.


Most businesses find disputes to be a major distraction and waste of valuable time which would be better spent developing and in some cases, saving, the business.

Once the coronavirus pandemic has passed, we will be holding the webinar in various venues around the UK to be announced.

What is ADR?

Most businesses are discovering the benefits of using alternative dispute resolution to resolve disputes, particularly with customers. Put simply, ADR is a the use of an independent third party to negotiate a solution to a dispute. Did you know that 75% of customers confirmed they would be likely to stay with a business if a complaint is handled well. ADR improves customer retention and satisfaction by resolving issues quickly and cost effectively.

The UK government, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and the Court service all recommend using ADR. It can be very effective and save a lot of time and aggravation.

Mediation has a very good success rate. Users report high levels of satisfaction and an over 90% success rate.

Diverse businesses like Whirlpool, many law firms, and Clarks already use ADR. “In socially distanced times remote dispute resolution is the only dispute resolution”

Time to sort out disputes. “The dispute had been rumbling on for months but it was sorted out by ADR within hours.”

“Mediation is an effective tool every business should know about”

Do we need to meet?

In times of uncertainty, when people are urged to work from home and maintain social distancing, ADR can provide the certainty your business needs, at least in relation to disputes with customers or suppliers. Going to Court is so 20th century!
ADR for consumer Disputes is normally carried out remotely by telephone or online. So you don’t need to leave home to resolve a dispute.

C-19 Impact on disputes

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic it already made sense to use alternative dispute resolution for almost every type of dispute including consumer disputes. Following the pandemic there is likely to be a backlog in the courts and small claims and other cases are likely to be delayed. In fact the Courts have already confirmed that many cases have been delayed because of coronavirus.

Inevitably, lawyers and government bodies are predicting a tsunami of claims following the coronavirus pandemic and the Courts already have a backlog of cases to deal with. Now more than ever, it makes sense to use mediation to resolve disputes with consumers and others.
Find out more in the webinar

Saving Money

When times are hard enough already, why not save money by resolving costly problems? Our expert mediators will show you how consumer and other claims can be dealt with efficiently and cost effectively through mediation and ADR. We can help you to resolve complaints and claims without breaking the bank and leaving you with precious time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

What’s in it for me? Free trial

Businesses which sign up to use ProMediate’s consumer ADR scheme after attending the roadshow will receive free membership for 6 months and one free consumer dispute falling within the scheme in return for providing feedback as to how helpful ADR was to the business.

To find out more and to enroll please go to

ADR Roadshow

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