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It is a mere coincidence that during the same week when winners of £33m national lottery rollover were announced, the Gambling Commission has announced its approval of ProMediate as an ADR provider.

Our application to act as an ADR entity in the field of gambling, for the following sectors: Adult Gaming Centre, Betting, Bingo, Casino, Family Entertainment Centres, Lotteries, and Remote (all sectors) has been approved.

Not every gambling story is as positive as that of David and Carol Martin and it could be argued that changing the lottery rules to reduce the odds of winning the jackpot but to increase the size of the jackpot as Camelot have done will only encourage more gambling. People looking at the Martins’ happy faces as they crack open their champagne will be forgiven for thinking that “it could be me” whereas the truth is that it probably won’t be.  Any customers with complaints about gambling can now mediate for free, as the service is paid for by the operators. There is no reason not to give it a go.

The Commission has published on its website the list of ADR applicants which have been approved. Please contact us for more information.  A complaint about a Gambling Operator can be made online via our website.