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A customer of another provider contacted us the other day to say they had used a mediator and commented:

Reading the reviews regarding (X mediator) I can only draw the conclusion that we had the unfortunate experience of an ‘off day’ -belligerence was served up in such a large measure I was left stunned.

I was stunned by this potentially defamatory  feedback about another mediator who I cannot identify but suffice it to say that it highlights the risk of using another mediation provider.

The mediator concerned has a good reputation so maybe this is an exaggerated comment from a disappointed and unreasonable client, but it gives pause for thought. Who is regulating mediators? How do we manage expectations? Maybe this mediator was just laying it on the line and the client did not like the message. It also seems to me that a lot of mediators trade off past success and reputation as clients often want a particular mediator and don’t want to try someone new.

At ProMediate we always vet our panel mediators and check their references before appointment. We could only say to this person-use ProMediate next time!