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We recently had to have a vehicle repaired and it took over 8 visits to the garage in question. That got us thinking. All businesses are required to signpost customers to ADR when complaints cannot be resolved. That includes motor repairs and sales. Mediation and ADR is ideal for motor claims as it is an area where the service provider has expert knowledge and the customer is in the dark to a certain degree.  Misunderstandings can easily occur.

However, businesses in this area appear unwilling to engage in the process as we receive many enquiries from consumers which traders will not use ADR. Lawgistics recommends motor traders go to the small claims court and rely upon the free small claims mediation service. That is one way to proceed but it does not result in happy customers who have to issue proceedings before the trader will engage in ADR. By that stage customers are less likely to want to resolve things and there is a chance that the overstretched court mediation service will be unable to make an appointment. We would therefore say “don’t delay – use ADR today”