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Customer service handling is the new shop window and from Monday businesses can improve their processes as they have to link up to the away ODR platform, a solution that many were not aware that they needed. It is a fact though that an independent third party can be pivotal in resolving disputes once they have reached this stage.

A survey, conducted by the PH Media Group, asked 2,234 Americans their opinions on customer service handling. It revealed just how important that first phone call can be. Fifty-nine percent of those participating said that if the first call to a company’s customer service line isn’t handled properly, they will never buy from that business. This demonstrates the importance of making sure every caller receives top-quality service. Without monitoring call centre performance, businesses may be losing customers without even realising it.

The survey found older customers are the least tolerant of poor handling by a business’s customer representatives. It makes sense that older customers might place greater importance on live calls since they’ve experienced those since before there was an Internet. Older customers tend to use online customer service platforms less often than younger customers.

According to the survey, of those in the 55 to 64 age group, an unsatisfactory phone experience would lead 63 percent to never buy from a brand again. For businesses whose demographics skew to Baby Boomers, this finding may mean you should be investing more in customer service. For younger customers, they are not going to have an issue with logging a complaint via the EU platform and they will expect businesses to engage quickly with the platform as delays and prevarication will only diminish the business further in the customer’s eyes.