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Civil Mediation Council (CMC) is delighted to announce the appointment of Eileen Pereira as its new chief executive. Eileen takes up the post in January 2017 following a restructure of the organisation.

Eileen comes to CMC with extensive experience in the charitable sector having worked within the sector for over 20 years and has valuable experience leading a charitable organisation. Eileen has worked within family mediation as a CEO for the past 16 years and has been a trustee of National Family Mediation, which she continues to support.

Eileen says: “From my long experience working within the family mediation sector, I know so well the incredible value mediation delivers to individuals, families and organisations. Mediation is no longer ‘alternative’: it is an integral part of dispute resolution. The process has a proven track record which shows clearly is not only cost effective but allows those taking part to avoid the risk of having a decision imposed on them which neither of them wants.

Nationwide, there is a rich resource of well-trained and experienced professionals who can demonstrate the tangible benefits of using independent mediators to engage and guide individuals and organisations towards productive agreement.

I am delighted to join CMC as the new CEO and look forward to building on the remarkable work they have done, particularly over the last 2 years. Our task is to bring to life the strategic plan for the mutual benefit of our members and society. “

Sir Alan Ward, chair of CMC welcomes Eileen’s appointment. “The coming twelve months are a pivotal time for CMC, as we implement a new five-year strategic plan to increase our voice and influence and particularly at the government table. At the same time, we are widening the membership, developing the quality standards of civil mediation practice across England and Wales to enable the best possible service to those in conflict. Eileen brings a depth of understanding and a skill base that will support our aims and the trustees are looking forward to working with Eileen to fully realise our goals and intentions.”

Civil Mediation Council Limited is a national charity working in England and Wales acting as a membership body to promote mediation and dispute resolution.
CMC has recently undergone a series of structural reforms, including obtaining charitable status and incorporation as a charitable company, to provide a solid foundation for the CMC’s future. Its dedicated Board of elected volunteers, many of whom are senior and respected members of the mediation community and all of whom are passionate about mediation, have played an active part in operating a committee system fit to serve its charitable objects.
CMC believes that all sectors of society should look to mediation when managing and resolving disputes.

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