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Adrian Kirkpatrick

Accredited Civil and Commercial Law Mediator

Developed Emotional Intelligence Creative Problem Solver

Coaching & Thought Partnership
Understanding of Business and Legal Frameworks

Empathy and Open Mindedness

Adrian mediates in the following areas, among others:

  • –  Contracts
  • –  Business Disputes
  • –  Entertainment Law
  • –  Partnership Agreement
  • –  Intellectual Property
  • –  Liability
  • –  Commercial Collections

Licensing Publishing

Agency and Franchise Copyright
Product Liability Defamation

Management Agreements Employment Agreements Workplace Disputes Professional Negligence Trusts

New Media
Royalties & Commission


Bachelor of Arts: Law 2017

Open University & Huddersfield University – Huddersfield
M.A.: Education 2001

British Film Institute & Open University – London
Bachelor of Arts: Music 1996

Dartington College of Arts – Totnes, Devon
Associate of Arts: Performing Arts and Business 1993

Cumbria Institute of the Arts – Carlisle
Civil and Commercial Accreditation Training: Law 2016

Clear ADR – Chester

Private Consultancy

Specialist in development of creative entrepreneur activities for the Guildhall, London and The Royal Dutch Conservatoire, The Hague

Development of national and international Music Mediation – Fully accredited Civil and Commercial (Pre/Post Litigation)

Music industry development and liaison for a number of international companies including Time Warner, BBC, Sony BMG and

Copyright and Intellectual Property Consultant for numerous artists and personalities within the international music business


‘Your cool and quiet manner poured oil on much troubled water, which has simmered for some 18 months, and at times nearly boiled over”.

”I found the mediation to be a very positive experience”.

”We both felt the way you went about things, the complete sense of ”fair play” (wow is that sadly lacking in today’s society!), professionalism and empathy were faultless. Thank you”.

”You can’t imagine how I was dreading the day but now feel so relieved that we can move on after your tactful resolution of the situation”.

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