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Mediation Experience Days

In conjunction with Hunt ADR

All the mediators on the Promediate panel are passionate about helping people resolve their disputes and move on with their lives.

Did you know that the settlement rate of cases in the High Court Chancery Division ranges between 92.3% – 94.4%? Typically, the majority of cases issued in any Court end up being settled before trial. With the stress and time involved in Court and Tribunal proceedings, Court fees increasing, lawyers’ costs being irrecoverable in Small Claims and Employment Tribunals and the Courts penalising litigants for not mediating, people are interested in settling at an early stage.


Mediation Sectors

We have mediators with expertise in the following sectors:

  • Insurance and Commercial Litigation
  • Professional Negligence
  • Property Disputes including Landlord & Tenant and Neighbour disputes
  • Contentious probate
  • Workplace and employment
  • Corporate shareholder, partnership and business sale and purchase
  • Taxation
  • Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury

Our specialist mediators have an unrivalled in depth knowledge of dispute resolution and have been or are involved with the following organisations:

  • The Law Society Civil Justice Committee
  • The board of the Civil Mediation Council
  • The editorial board of the Jackson ADR Handbook
  • The Civil Justice Council Costs Committee
  • The Forum of Insurance Lawyers
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Community Legal Advice and Representation Service
  • CCBE – Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe
  • International Tax Attorney
  • The Judiciary
  • Youstice

We offer mediation services to individuals, companies, solicitors, insurers and public sector bodies. Our mediators have also delivered seminars and training. We abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and have over £1M professional indemnity cover. We can organise time limited, full or half day mediations and can also arrange telephone and online mediations. We have a competitive scale of charges appropriate for each case. Please contact us for a quotation.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to use our best endeavours to settle disputes cost effectively and efficiently and to use the most appropriate means to facilitate settlement of disputes, to include using new technology. Pro Mediate are a proud supporter of Melanoma UK

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Court punishes party for refusing to mediate

In the latest decision on the issue of refusing to mediate the Court has once again reiterated that a party who refuses to mediate can be penalised in legal costs. This was an employment contract case involving two defendants where one defendant relied upon the...

Time to Mediate – Online or by phone

Now is a perfect time to try to resolve difficult disputes online or by telephone whilst the Courts are largely closed outside London. We can organise remote mediations with very little notice and mediate for you. You can wave goodbye to frustrating Court delays and...

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ProMediate is certified by CTSI to provide mediation services for consumer/business disputes in the UK. The charges that ProMediate is authorised to raise for each dispute dealt with are as follows:

Cost to businesses:

Value of Goods or Services

Up to £1,000                                         – £50 plus VAT

– £2,500                                                  – £75 plus VAT

– £5,000                                                  – £100 plus VAT

– £7,500                                                   – £125 plus VAT

– £10,000                                                 – £150 plus VAT

Payment can be made here for individual disputes:

Business Membership fee £100 plus VAT – sign up here……

Cost to Consumers:

Value of Goods or Services

Up to £1,000                                          – £10 plus VAT

£2,500                                                     – £25 plus VAT

£5,000                                                      – £50 plus VAT

£7,500                                                       – £75 plus VAT

£10,000                                                    – £100 plus VAT

The above charges are based upon 1 hour of mediator time. Disputes above this value can exit the scheme and be dealt with by ProMediate’s general mediation service.

It is a term of the Click2Resolve scheme that the business and consumer must consent to use the service, before instructing us.

Payment by Consumers can be made here……

Mediation Set up Service

If you contact us without first getting the other person or business to agree to use our service, we will contact them to try to obtain their agreement.

In those circumstances we do charge a set up fee for this service. It is sometimes possible to resolve your dispute informally after one or two calls without even booking a mediation appointment!

When we receive an initial enquiry we crack on immediately trying to make contact with the other side in the dispute, emailing info, leaving messages on the telephone and even text messages. Our working hours are never 9-5 and we will often make contact at a time that meets the needs of our clients, evenings and weekends included.

Sometimes one side requires key information before they will agree to mediate. We will often liaise with all concerned to make sure this is shared. Once contact is made there will be further to-ing and fro-ing to set up the appointment, documents sent out and making sure everyone is comfortable with the process.

We charge the following fees for contacting the other party in this way:

Value of Goods or services:

Up to £1,000 – £10 plus VAT

– £2,500       – £25 plus VAT

–  £2,500 upwards – £50 plus VAT

If you have already discussed your case with one of our mediators and need to pay your set up fee click below to pay by PayPal (if you need an alternative payment method please contact our office on 01928734630). (click below to make a payment)