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About Our Family Mediation Team

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Specialist Mediators for Your Family Dispute

Relationship breakdown is frequently a stressful experience, made doubly so by financial uncertainties and arguments about property ownership.

At least in future, it is anticipated that the law will be changed to take the “fault” out of divorce.  

Sadly, we do not do legal aid mediation cases.  Our mediation services are entirely privately financed.  If you need a mediator it will be likely to save you a great deal of money in the long term, however.  A day’s mediation normally costs in the region of 1000.

Our lead mediator, Peter, sits as a deputy district judge dealing with First Appointments, Financial Dispute Resolution hearings and final hearings and so is well placed to advise as to a reasonable settlement outside Court.

Peter Causton

Peter is an independent commercial and civil mediator and an accredited International Online Mediator. Peter is the founder of ProMediate and Click2Resolve which has been certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to provide ADR to consumers in dispute with businesses throughout the UK.  Peter has set up a Legal Complaints Service to deal with complaints about lawyers which is also certified under the ADR Directive.

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