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About Our Professional Negligence/Indemnity Team

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Specialist Mediators for Your Professional Negligence/Coverage Dispute

Here you will find a list of our panel of mediators for professional negligence disputes.



Peter Causton

Peter is a solicitor who has worked in Defendant insurance firms and as a Deputy District Judge he has over 20 years of experience of dealing with professional negligence disputes.

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Jeremy Dable

Jeremy has many years experience dealing with professional negligence disputes.

Jeremy has dealt with the whole range of claims as a barrister and mediator.

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Mike Faulkner

Mike is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Chartered Insurance Practitioner and Accredited Mediator and has been settling insurance disputes, including personal injury claims, for over 40 years. His broad range of experience working for well-known insurers, brokers, loss adjusters; and as a consultant to claimant and defendant solicitors has given him an all-round appreciation of the insurance claims process from a completely unbiased and independent perspective. read full profile

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