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So you’ve decided to grasp the nettle and mediate? How do you find a mediator? There are lots of mediation providers out there but there is one reason why you should use ProMediate rather than In Place of Strife or other large providers like Independent Mediators: price transparency. On ProMediate’s website we set out our fixed fees so you know what your mediator will cost. In Place of Strife says enigmatically that:

“Fees will be individually quoted in each case and will reflect the mediator selection, the type of dispute and, in some cases, the value of the dispute.

Where a dispute does not primarily involve monetary claims, daily or hourly rates will be quoted taking into account these same factors.”

Independent Mediators rather unhelpfully says:

“We will be pleased to give you a quotation for your chosen mediator after we have had the opportunity of discussing the details of the potential mediation with you. The fees quoted to you will be the total fees you will be asked to pay for the mediator’s services. There are no additional booking or administration fees.”

How does that help someone looking to know how much their mediation will cost?

At ProMediate, if requested we even offer a 10% discount if our mediator doesn’t achieve settlement – our settlement rate is 98%. We understand that In Place of Strife and others will even charge extra for mediator preparation time, like an airline charging for baggage! For certainty go to ProMediate. #inplaceofstrife #ipos #promediate