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Imagine the situation-you have received an invitation to mediate from another party or feel that the time has come to instruct a mediator. Maybe the Court has ordered the parties to attempt mediation. It increasingly happens. Who do you turn to? There are many mediation providers, including obviously #CEDR with a panel of respectable highly qualified mediators on their panel to choose from. This appears to be a good option.

Before doing so, it is worthwhile seeing if any other mediation provider may be able to assist, maybe closer to home or with a different fee structure. ProMediate operates an unique fee structure whereby so confident are we of resolving most cases, we offer to refund 10% of our fee if settlement is not achieved (and if the parties agree to this in advance). It is just that additional incentive for the mediator to go that extra mile for you. We are confident about resolving most cases as we have a 98% settlement rate and have over 10 years of experience, trusted to run the Manchester Mediation Pilot and recommended by solicitors. Try us and you can’t go wrong!