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Robin Somerville

Robin helps people and organisations resolve disputes and issues. He has particular extensive expertise in professional services and professional standards. Robin assists either by assisting parties settle their differences consensually or by deciding the outcome for them. As a mediator, ombudsman, regulatory panel chair and tribunal panel member of various kinds he has sat on over 1,000 cases spanning more than 14 years. In addition to professional standards Robin has commercial and technology expertise. He is a Chartered IT Professional and accrued 15 years experience gained from setting up, growing and successfully selling three technology and internet based businesses prior to qualifying as a lawyer. His board level advisory work for a number of organisations and four years trading on a City dealing floor has lead Robin to be driven by finding practical and pragmatic solutions to commercial and technology problems.

Sitting as a fitness to practise panel chair/member for the NMC/GMC and other regulators has also given Robin extensive regulatory experience particularly in the healthcare industries. Being a Chair of Governors and Governor at further education colleges for over 10 years and a trustee and governor at a high profile selective grammar has provided him with a solid understanding of the education sector. Robin’s inclusive professional style focuses on problem solving, finding solutions to issues and disputes by consensus wherever possible and attempting to avoid court based determination unless no practical alternative remains to enforce parties’ rights. Robin is at his best at times of crisis and change where clients benefit from his judgement, strategic and analytical focus and calm approach

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