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James Miller

Recent Dispute Resolution


Litigation dispute settled for £46,000.00
Litigation dispute settled for £147,000.00
Litigation dispute settled for £155,250.00
Litigation dispute settled for £170,000.00
Litigation dispute settled for £194,300.00

Types of Mediation

1) Civil and Commercial
2) Bullying and harassment
3) Neighbourhood
4) Employment (including complaints and grievances)
6) Costs

James regularly appears for Claimants and Defendants in the County Courts and High Court of Justice. He conducts high value detailed assessment hearings before Regional Costs Judges and Masters in the Senior Court Costs Office. James is regularly instructed to deal with all aspects of Costs and Case Management. He has extensive knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules and is registered with the Civil Mediation Council.

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How does the EU encourage mediation?

At its 32nd meeting in Strasbourg held between 13-14 June, the Commission for Efficiency of Justice of the Council of Europe adopted a European Handbook for Development of National Legislation on Mediation as well as Guidelines on designing and monitoring mediators...

Should divorce be “no fault”?

A landmark bill that will create “no fault” divorce in England and Wales was put before parliament yesterday as minsters try to make separations less acrimonious. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill will reform the 50-year-old divorce laws and comes after a...

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