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Clifford Frank

Clifford has 40 years experience in International and UK Taxation, in addition to Arbitration including Contract Disputes and Investments Issues. He has worked in the USA and Europe building a wide connection of associates in the field of International Taxation. Professional Background

Clifford’s work includes: Tax Advisory, Tax Planning, property disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes; commercial contract claims; banking disputes; leasehold and landlord and tenant disputes, intellectual property.

He has also assisted clients in complex Civil and Corporate Litigation, with matters arising from the Insolvency Act 1986 and Companies Act 2006.

In his capacity as a Tax Attorney, Clifford has often deal with domestic and cross border tax conflicts that were hard to solve. Tax payers, individuals and companies, including those operating cross border face serious concerns and stress in dealing with issues that are within the ambit of UK Revenue Law. In the past the only remedy if they could not reach an agreement with HMRC was to resort to The Tax Tribunal, and then to the Court. With the successful introduction of Tax Mediation, disputes can now be resolved outside the courts.

Notwithstanding my Tax and Arbitration experience, have also advised and assisted clients in capital raising and preparation of Investment Memorandum, pre IPO.I have also assisted clients in complex Civil and Corporate Litigation, with matters arising from the Insolvency Act 1986.

Clifford is the author of “Three ways to settle your tax” Book website:, REIT’s Creating value & liquidity from ‘a’ property portfolio tax efficiently” and Why Me? – A tax investigation. Due to be published, September 2015

Clifford has achieved the following qualifications:

Queen Mary, University. of London

LLM(tax) International Tax, 2004 – 2006

HDipICA: International Commercial Arbitration, 2006 – 2007

Regent University

Accredited Mediation 2013-2014


Clifford’s outside interests include, Travelling, Training, Golf, Chess, Politics, and Law

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