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Rosie Compton

Rosie Compton, accredited with CEDR and LSM, has mediated 31 cases and is CMC registered. These include 18 Commercial Small Claims, with the Free Mediation Project at the Royal Courts of Justice during August and September 2019, as well as workplace and SEND. She also brings more than sixteen years’ experience of a mediation approach to conflict resolution at a very senior level in challenging London schools. Additionally, she practised as an Architect. 

Her calm, professional, versatile and flexible approach will assist in settling disputes by enabling the development of fresh approaches to suit the needs of all participants. Committed to the highest standards within the practice of mediation, she offers dispute resolution in most areas. Rosie is passionate about the mediation process. She firmly believes there is always a way to reach a resolution, and is prepared to challenge the participants’ line of thought in a calm, approachable, helpful and respectful manner.

Clinical neglige
Intellectual property
Media / Entertainment
Contractual and Consumer
Boundary Disputes
Professional Negligence
Inheritance and Probate
Human Rights
Workplace and Employment



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