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Marriage counseling might feel unneeded or like a hassle, but sometimes it really is needed for a relationship. If you and your spouse are having marital issues, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to make it work. Divorce is the final step of the end of a relationship, and there are tons of things you can do to help the union prosper. Here are some tips that might help you out:

Try to be a better listener

When it comes down to it, all relationships take communication. Communication is the key to a good relationship, but what is it without listening. Both parties will need to learn how to both communicate and listen properly. Working together to mend any issues in the relationship is a start to getting better. Both of you need to be willing to be vulnerable and open with each other. Both parties need to put effort and really have to want to try to better the relationship.

Learn to express yourself to your partner

Listening to your partner talk about their concerns is a great start, but you also need to be able to communicate your needs as well. You need to participate in these exchanges in order for these sessions to be useful. If your spouse is the only one talking and you don’t care to express yourself or allow yourself to show vulnerability, it will not be helpful to your relationship. 

You have to show the willingness

If you care about the survival of your relationship, you will need to be willing to compromise. You should be able to come to an agreement where both of you will be happy, and only a little compromise needs to be made. When relationships have gone sour, it will definitely take some compromise to get to a middle ground. It’s hard, but sometimes you need to put away your pride or individual desires in order to accommodate your partner. If you want to save your relationship from divorce, you will need to work for it, emotionally. 

Try not to blame one another

It may be hard since you feel like you are not in the wrong, try your best not to make the conversation be about blaming each other, but rather what the issue is in general and how you can work together to resolve it. As long as you are setting expectations with each other, and trying to work through those together, as well as fairly, you will be more successful in working through your issues with one another. 

Give each other some space

Even if you live together still, try to give yourselves some space away from the relationship. Allow yourself to pursue your own hobbies, have your own time, and get things together for yourself. Sometimes being alone is just what you need. Time away from one another can allow each of you to work on yourselves as individuals, which can allow for growth that you might be able to bring back into the relationship when you are finally ready to come back together. It also might open up your mind to new things and may be able to help you make better, more rational decisions.

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