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Take a look at this logo as from October it will have been consigned to the annals of history.

In a bizarre move, the Law Society is closing its Civil and Commercial Mediation Accreditation scheme whilst retaining the Family Mediation Accreditation.

I have to declare an interest as I am the Chief Assessor of the scheme, but even so I think that clients appreciate the quality kite mark that the scheme affords.

Particularly following the recent decision not to strike out a claim against the Law Society based upon the Find a Solucitor directory, one would think that the Law Society would be reluctant to endorse mediators as it does through Find a Solicitor, but apparently not.

Moreover, it is odd that the Law Society is continuing with its Family Mediation Accreditation scheme, when the two branches of the mediation profession are not that far apart.

This also comes at a time when mediation uptake in the Civil jurisdiction is on the increase, as opposed to family mediation, which has problems with funding. It comes at a time when the Manchester Mediation Pilot is starting, ADR is being recommended for debt claims and late payment to small businesses.