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We are certified by the Gambling Commission to deal with gambling disputes and are named as ADR provider for several operators.

One of Britain’s biggest online gambling sites 888 has been fined a record £7.8m after the Gambling Commission ruled that the site allowed gamblers to gamble even though they had tried to block their own accounts in order to curb their betting habits.

Online gambling firms ‘could be breaking the law’
888 has “significant flaws” in the way it protects problem customers, the regulator said. More than 7,000 vulnerable clients who had signed up to a scheme to block their access to 888 were still able to gamble through the firm’s Bingo platform.

One example given by the Gambling Commission was the company failing to challenge a customer who staked £1.3m over a 13-month period, with some of the money stolen from their employer,

The large operators accept they have a responsibility to ensure problem gamblers are protected from themselves. This represents a change in attitudes caused, in part, by how easy it is to gamble online.

Using ADR to resolve disputes is also a responsible and cost effective way to proceed.