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According to the Guardian, the negotiations over Brexit need a mediator. Is it £20bn, £60bn or £100bn price that the UK should pay? What happens to the Irish border? What happens to expats living in Spain?  Mediators are used to dealing with such debates and interests. The Guardian said:

What happens next?

Some think Tusk is offering more than just a willingness to prepare for trade talks – a diplomatic throat-clearing exercise known as scoping. “I would like to reassure our British friends that in our internal work we will take account of [UK] proposals,” said the president, in a formulation that sounded almost like he was offering a form of proximity talks. Almost, but not quite. The key difference between Tusk’s plan and the tried-and-tested ruse of getting wary participants to sit in adjacent rooms is the absence of a mediator. Without an intermediary to exchange specific British offers of money for specific trade concessions, we are still at square one.

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