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We are a long established mediation provider with a panel of expert civil, commercial and workplace mediators. We have mediators around the UK and can mediate in person, online remotely, or by telephone.  We also provide mediator training. We are currently registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a Mediation Provider and Training Provider.



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Peter Causton, Director and Mediator answers some questions

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a journey between parties in conflict which hopefully ends in a mutually acceptable resolution, which can be less stressful and costly than litigation.  The mediator plays an important role in the process, helping the parties to understand their options, the risks they face and to work towards resolving their differences.  Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process.  The participants remain in control of the process throughout and the mediator does not impose a solution to the problem.  It is more informal and less costly than going to Court and it is not necessary always to have legal representation.  Quite often, just getting people in a room together, or in separate rooms, seems to help particularly as communication is often a key issue.  It is surprising how often even the most intractable dispute can be resolved through negotiations.  We offer an informal chat to discuss your case free of charge (subject to availability).

About ProMediate

I founded ProMediate in 2015 after training as a mediator and working as a lawyer for 20 years. I am passionate about resolving disputes and saw that there was a better way than going all the way to a trial in many cases.  Litigation and formal Court processes just didn’t work for a lot of people who ended up disappointed with the outcome. In litigation there is frequently a winner and a loser.  Through mediation, parties can avoid losing everything.  In the workplace, people can save their job and find better ways to communicate.  I saw first hand how costs could easily escalate, making it difficult to resolve the underlying disputes.  Now, this is being recognised in society at large, with the government considering making mediation compulsory in some cases.  We have grown over the years and other mediators have joined the panel.  We have a good success rate in resolving disputes (over 90% of cases settle).  All of our mediators are Civil Mediation Council registered and very experienced in their fields. We mediate online, by telephone or in person.  We deal with a wide range of cases, such as disputes about property/land, boundaries and fences, cohabitation, wills and probate, contract and construction, public sector contracts, consumer and business.  There are very few disputes which we cannot help with.  If in any doubt please give us a ring.  You can find out more about our mediators below:


Free short webinar on settling claims through mediation during Covid-19 available by clicking here: WEBINAR

In this short recorded webinar I explain why and how. Topic: Settling Claims by Mediation during C-19

Video about how to train as a mediator online

What we do

Arrange a mediation find a mediator for civil and commercial or workplace dispute

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Mediation Services qualified civil commercial and workplace mediators to mediate business, personal, consumer and workplace disputes.

Mediator training and mediation observations

The EU part funded 18 month project has now completed.

To access our report please follow the link….

adr roadshow report 2

Complaints and disputes eat into business time and can be costly to resolve. ADR is an extremely useful tool for businesses, especially small to medium sized businesses. This was an opportunity for companies to find out how ADR can work for them.

The project demonstrated that 90% of businesses and consumers who used the ADR service for the first time resolved their disputes through mediation and would use mediation again.

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Members Area for businesses registered with us.

Documents and Guidance for complying with the ADR Regulations

Pro Mediate assisted in bringing to a successful conclusion a protracted and extremely contentious matter.

The feedback from the clients was very positive and without the Mediator’s capable handling of the process it is unlikely that the outcome would have as swift or as cost effective.

Rowlinsons Solicitors

Peter is an excellent mediator. He has an open and approachable attitude that put my client at ease. He was very quick in building a rapport of trust and confidence, and his direct “can do” approach helped the parties to narrow down the issues between them and find a resolution to their dispute. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rowberry Morris Solicitors

Thank you again, Peter, for your kindness, patience and professionalism! 

Thank you very much for your help yesterday. We didn’t underestimate the amount of hard work you did on our behalf
Anon parties June 2019

10. Do you have any further comments on this mediation or suggestions as to how the Mediation Scheme could be improved? If yes, please provide them below
I was very impressed with the utterly unexpected, but completely successful, outcome, which I think took us all by surprise.
Unfortunately, all the “action” took place – out of necessity – in another room from my clients and me, with the mediator, the other party and only one of our group, so we could only wait, and get bulletins on progress. But this was clearly the correct tactic.
It can’t be denied that the outcome was superb for all concerned, but especially (in my opinion) for my clients. It was one that none of us believed possible beforehand, and even at 2pm that day we were doubting that we’d get anywhere. Just shows you. 11. How do you rate the performance of the mediator?
Peter Causton was excellent. Very impressive staying power.

Anon parties August 2019

Peter attended our property to Mediate a neighbour dispute regarding a boundary fence.. All communication between ourselves and our neighbour had broken down and the stress we had both encountered regarding this matter was at boiling point. We were advised by our Solicitors and the Courts that we should attempt Mediation as an alternative to Court Proceedings for a dispute of this nature. We were very very sceptical about this. And unbelievably a resolution was found !!! which both ourselves and our neighbour was happy with. We can now continue with our lives stress free. All it needed was somebody Independent and unattached to the situation to step in with legal guidance, calmness, patience and REASON !! Would highly recommend this approach and this Company. A big thank you from myself and my husband to Peter and his Company ‘Promediate’..

Anon parties August 2019

Excellent and he conducted himself with utmost professionalism and was pragmatic throughout the day and tried his best to broker settlement despite this matter being a very difficult matter in very difficult circumstances and his conduct and manner with our clients was particularly exemplary and the way he tested the cases was very impressive.


Anon parties August 2019

Online Mediator Training Course

You are very good at all the technology”

“Course is very good. You are a great teacher”

”thank you so much. It was brilliant!”

”awesome day today I really enjoyed it!”

“If I had to rate it on an out of 10 basis, it would be a 10/10”

“Overall the course was utterly brilliant and thought provoking”

“The course is mainly practical. It never “dragged on all key items were addressed”


Anon parties August 2019


I cannot recommend ProMediate (UK) Linited highly enough. The other party were refusing to engage which resulted in me having to start court action to force a dialogue to even take place. Peter Causton then handled matters and was absolutely superb – an extremely thorough professionally credible and supportive service. Many Thanks


Anon parties December 2020

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