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ProMediate (UK) Limited - Registered Mediation Service Provider

Our panel of independent civil and commercial mediators are available to resolve all types of dispute

We provide mediation services and attend mediations as independent mediators, resolving disputes.

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Fast Track and Multi-Track Mediation

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There are plenty of mediators in the UK. What separates Pro Mediate from the rest?

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Let us contact the other party to propose mediation for you

What We Do

Experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution and negotiation between two or more parties.

Resolving Court Proceedings - Registered with Civil Mediation Council

Mediators for Civil and Commercial Disputes

Our specialist mediators are available for full day mediations or by telephone or on a fixed/limited time basis.


Certified as ADR Provider by Chartered Trading Standards Institute we already provide ADR mediation services to a major retailer, travel group and solicitors and barristers.  Businesses – Go no further – we can help you to comply with the ADR Directive and ODR Regulations.


Certified as ADR Provider by Chartered Trading Standards Institute Authorised to provide ADR services to Gambling Operators through the Gambling Commission Appointed as ADR Provider to the British Racecourse Bookmakers’ Association – the BPA – Go no further – we can help gambling operators to comply with the ADR Directive and ODR Regulations.


We provide mediation services in disputes between businesses and consumers in the UK and also business to business disputes

Find a Mediator for consumer disputes - EU ODR Platform

New legislation means that all businesses selling goods and services online need to provide a link to the EU online complaints Portal on their websites by 15 February 2016 as well as nominating a certified ADR Provider to customers in dispute. ProMediate is launching a new decision making service solely for use through the Platform for low value complaints. Decision Maker aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mcmVlbG9nb3NlcnZpY2VzLmNvbS9hcGkvbWFpbi9pbWFnZXMvMWorb2psMUtPTWtYOVd5b2ZCZTQzRDZrai4uLmVKcmhWUGtSdkV3WHMxTTNFTW9BSnRsQ1V1aC4uLkJpOFBVNQ==

Find a Mediator for Any Dispute

Our expert panel of mediators can resolve large commercial and civil disputes, as well as workplace and family disputes

Find a mediator for Complaints about Professionals

Our panel of mediators includes specialists in the area of complaints about professionals such as solicitors, surveyors, IT consultants accountants and architects.  We are certified by CTSI to deal with disputes about lawyers as advised by the Law Society and the Bar Council, ILEX and other lawyers’ regulatory bodies.


Certified by OfCom for disputes with Communications Providers and Postal Operators where not covered by OfCom’s compulsory schemes.


Before we can act the business complained of must have sent a deadlock letter/email to the consumer and provided our details as ADR Provider under the ADR Regulations.  If in doubt, please check with the business which ADR Provider they inform customers about and whether they agree to use them.


The Courts encourage parties to mediate before and during proceedings.  If they refuse then the Courts can impose costs sanctions.


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Settle for the Best – ProMediate is better than the rest!

Find a Workplace Mediator

We can help you to find a Workplace Mediator for any workplace dispute

Mediation Set up Service and Certificate

We can contact the other party and invite them to take part in alternative dispute resolution and provide you with a certificate to show to the Court if the other party refuses or ignores the proposal

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Dispute Management Service - Resolving Business Disputes

EU Online Dispute Resolution Link

In the event of any unresolved complaint about any business trading online, including ProMediate, the link to the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform is The EU maintains a list of ADR entities which can be found at This list is also available in hard copy format at our premises.

Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Consumer and Trader Disputes - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers - Certified by CTSI, OfCom and The Gambling Commission

ADR certified bodies

A Practical Guide to ADR in Personal Injury Claims

Getting the Most out of ADR Post Jackson by Peter Causton, Nichola Evans and James Arrowsmith

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Feedback from Clients

ProMediate is proud of its track record in resolving disputes - Mediation Feedback:


The clients were delighted with the result, and are grateful for your assistance in resolving it. We were very satisfied with the outcome.  My client was very happy and is now a convert to mediation. Nothing beats a professional and personal approach. You conducted yourself with me with the greatest respect. I was impressed by the way in which you handled the negotiations. The matter was done and dusted by 3pm which must be a record in a full day’s mediation! Can I just say thank you to you for your assistance with the settlement.

Consumer disputes feedback:

Fantastic service – so easy to use – was put at ease straight away.  Promediate helped me to resolve a recent insurance policy dispute.  They were extremely friendly helpful and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend their services. [ProMediate] gave good advice when we were in dispute with a service provider.  [The mediator] acted quickly and advised us on our next steps.  Would definitely recommend. The response I received to my enquiry was extremely useful in pointing me in the right direction, so much so that I no longer feel that I am floundering but have a more clear cut course of action. 

ProMediate resolved my issue that had been dragging on for over 3 months in only a matter of days – a very effective service.
Federation of Small Businesses:
Your contribution to FSB’s research into small business dispute resolution and the E&W Civil Courts was incredibly helpful in enabling me to get a better understanding of the good and the bad of the current dispute resolution landscape in E&W and ideas for improvement.

Don’t prevaricate, Pro Mediate!

If you need a fast and efficient approach to your dispute, you can count on Pro Mediate to help.

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